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    2 Thoughts on “Andy T’s Golden Hour”

    • My name is Glenn Boudreau, I am a songwriter from Rockwall, TX. I have written a song to honor our brave soldiers past and present, called Merry Christmas To All The Heroes. My recording was produced in Nashville, TN.
      I wrote the song and vocals are by Jeff Carson.
      You can listen to my recording on the following link to Soundcloud

      Will you please check my recording out? If you like it would you consider giving it air time on your radio station during the Christmas season? What better way to honor all those who served and fought for their country than through song.
      My music is affiliated with BMI and I own all the rights to my music.
      Merry Christmas To All The Heroes is now available in all the major on line music outlets.
      Thank you, God Bless and God Bless America

      Glenn Boudreau

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